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Exclamation STEP FIVE

Next use a braker-bar and ratchet (18mm socket) to loosen and remove the caliper-to-hub bolts and discard them. These are torque-to-yield bolts and should not be reused. If you're not willing to buy new bolts, you need to at least make sure you put fresh loctite on them when you re-install the calipers.

Pull the caliper from the rotor and rest it on top of the control arm as shown.

You may be wondering why we're bothering to pull the caliper? There are two reasons. First, we're going to lube the caliper in the area shown (this is where it makes contact with the hub assembly, and second, you can't slide the pads back into the caliper without removing a lot of the lube in the process. Therefore, we're going to preload the pads into the caliper before placing the caliper back on the rotor.
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