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Originally Posted by Grape Ape View Post
Iím looking at that huge space between the speedo and tach. Do you guys think it holds old school warning lights or some sort of digital driver info center?

It also looks like the heater and the stereo might not be integrated, unless they share the display. So maybe we will be able to replace the stock stereo with a trim piece that has a double DIN holeÖ
It's going to be a Digital Information center and Monitor and some idiot lights.
will have stuff like Tire Pressure, Outside Temp, Miles per gal calculation, Oil change reminder, Odometer and Trip meter, Maybe a compass and a peak G-Force and 0-60 timer like the one in the Charger SRT8.

My Silverado has a similar thing and so does my Mustang.

0-60 timer on theSRT8

And Peak G force that cool

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