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Originally Posted by htron50 View Post
36 MONTHS? For a smaller Camaro. Likely, more road noise. Yes, superb performance but without the current road feel/comfort. And, will the new platform in a Z28 be as hard to get "when" it is introduced as the ZL1 is now? Many of you could be waiting to chase a hard to get mirage. I'm taking delivery of what i "KNOW" is here now! Just for the record, I LOVE Z28. If it were out "now", and it had only 480-505 normally aspirated HP, I could easily have gotten it instead of the ZL1 and been very happy. My main point here, is, the long wait to Z28 may be met with fleeting realities similar to ZL1 availability. Dunno. Not to mention price increases between now and then. It may cost as much to get a Z28 in 36 months as a ZL1 costs now. (plus Im getting too old to wait folks - another story)

Edit: PS, my order is at code 3000 today, 12-21-11
Gramps is gonna be ridin' in style with an early run, low number ZL1!
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