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Thumbs up New Chevy Web Series: The Road We're On

Featured on Camaro5 HOMEPAGE

In celebration of their recent Centennial, Chevy's new series entitled 'The Road We're On' brings history to life through the eyes of owners, dealers & their communities.

Check out the web series at (all 8 episodes so far are posted below for viewing)

The first 8 episodes profile the people of Bridgeville, a small town in Pennsylvania where American history runs deeps.

Episode 1: Welcome to Bridgeville
Bridgeville is a small town in Pennsylvania steeped in Americana

Episode 2: The Colussys
Dating back to 1918, the Colussy family owns and operates the oldest Chevy dealership in the United States

Episode 3: Half Mile of Dirt
24 year old driver Jared Miley carries on the traditions and breaks new ground with his family-run race team

Episode 4: Steel Roots
Lisa Baer, a 4th generation steel contractor, tells the story of taking over a family business and the importance of keeping businesses local

Episode 5: History of Bridgeville
The story of how Bridgeville, PA came to be what it is today and what it will be tomorrow

Episode 6: The Road Ahead
What does the future of mobility hold for a small town in America?

Episode 7: Sarasnick's
The story of the Sarasnick's and how they helped build their family-run business helped build their community.

Episode 8: Me & My Chevy
A look at local car clubs and profiles of vintage auto enthusiasts.

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