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I just got back from Frank Para and they had a whole row of IOM Camaro's in their showroom. I took some pics but I have no idea how I can get them saved to my pics as a jpeg so I can put them on here. I worked last night and I'm pretty tired so if I get a chance to upload them before I go to work tonight I will do it..........but like I said I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to putting them on here.


Edit: They only had one opened so I didn't get but around 8 pics and they aren't anything like Jim aka Number 3 did so don't expect much. They are all the same identical Camaro's. No RS packages and they are all going to be in the parade. I believe they all had the polished wheels that I ordered so it was awesome checking them out. I also have a video that some how can be uploaded with some assistance from one of you geek guys that know how to do this.

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