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Well, I started on project "relocating the coils" today. The first thing on the agenda was freeing up some much-needed space.

Started by removing the radiator fans and shroud assembly. First I had to undo the hose that goes into the overflow tank. Just pull on it and it comes right off.

Second step; there's two bolts that hold the fan shroud that need to be removed.

Next, you'll need to disconnect the plug for the fans.

Next came disconnecting the water pump thermostat hose. I also disconnected the upper radiator hose. Finally you'll just pull the entire assembly up and out of the way.

With the space to work now, I proceed to mark the area where I will drill the hole.

Finally had enough space to start drilling the hole in the frame rails.

To make it easier to make my mark, I put a piece of tape on the frame. With the bracket positioned were I wanted, I drew in the marks for drilling.

Drilling the hole was actually the easiest part of the whole project. I used a titanium drill bit which I'm sure helped. Picked it up at Ace for under $5.00. I also use a right angle drill which was much more compact to get in there.

In order to make sure the the screws would bite, I made sure to use a smaller bit than the self tapping screw I was using. This made it tough to get the screw started, so I had to use a little motivation.

Tip: Using the socket and extension made it a lot easier than just trying to hold the screw with my hand while tapping it in.

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