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Here's the end result. From the picture it's hard to tell, but each wire was shrink rap. I started with the first plug, I then shrink rap the second and frist plug into one. I than shrink raped the third plug with the other two. Finally the fourth plug. I used three different size rap for the job.

When I test fitted the harness, it was almost unnoticeable.

For the coil harness, I extended the 12 volt wire. I also removed all the factory black tape.

I than re-tape it. Looks much neater. By the time i was done rerouting, tucking and hiding it. It literally l disappeared.

I'm also rerouting the harness that went through the middle of the passenger valve cover.

I removed the fuel rails and clam shell before I called it quits. Until till tomorrow, have a great evening. Stay tune.

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