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Originally Posted by Beechdoctor View Post
Looking at your Avatar....we have both bought the same damn cars in the past and apparently the same 2010 in the near future!

Sure would like to revisit those "irresponsible days" for a little car, my friends, girl friend(s), and a bar tab was all we had to worry about!!

I started with a used 1974 Z-28 (like to have that one back) before I bought the dark blue 84 Z-28 new for exactly $13,000 (or about the cost for the options today on the 2010SS/RS...) and I too also bought a new Bright Blue 1989 Iroc-Z. Was your IROC the same color??
I think I bought my 84 used in 86 for about $14,000. My 89 IROC was also bright blue. I remember the sticker on that was about $19,800. My last 6 cars have been blue dating back to 82. As you might have figured out blue is my favorite color. I really wanted to get an SS because I do miss the V-8 but didnt want to spend the extra 7 large.

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