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Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
Scary mark-up. If you love IOM, you will hate yourself for changing. I can't wait for the first IOM member who hasn't seen IOM up close in the sun, to get their car.
I'll be one of those

(BTW, my salesman told me last night, that he bumped me up to the front of the pack because he had a few people back down.)

I was originally #5 of 7. I asked to be bumped BACK because of financial problems (wife lost job). I wanted to give her time to find a job...and if she didn't, I'd cancel. Wifey found a job 2 weeks later. Needless to say, when a few people backed out, he bumped me back up (instead of leaving me at the back of the pack). I told him (thanks to the VIN database and UCFwoot!) that he had a RJT coming because it had a VIN...and he was shocked that mine wasn't the first one.

I'm kinda curious if that RJT was one of the cancelled orders that was already too far in the system to be cancelled.

Anywho, I got good news last night! (I was damn disappointed when I pulled up and it was a VR one...I was PRAYING that it was going to be an IOM!)
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