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Originally Posted by BSR-1 View Post
Go Team LLT!
Thank - you. TEAM LLT was well represented in the photo shoot. Matter of fact a worker from the stadium came out to check out the Camaro's thought for sure I had something special since I had the flags emblem. He couldn't believe I was a V6 with all those mods.

Originally Posted by 010 Camaro SS View Post
Really cool pics...
Thank - you, glad you liked them.

Originally Posted by ColdCamaroSS View Post
Great pics! Too bad I just found the Detroit club and another bummer, my Dad retired from the Tigers, a few years ago. If the timing had worked out, I could have had your car inside, on the field. I used to drive my Astro van all over Tiger stadium, including the field, on the off season after I got my drivers license. (granted that was over 16 years ago) I got some pics I'll try to upload. Wouldn't have been a problem, seeing that everytime I visited Coamerica park in the off season, it was a ghost town. Even turning the ball park lights on probably would've been a go too. oh well, wishful think now.

Thank - you, glad you found the club now to check us out. That would have been cool maybe someday we will have a connection to allow the eniter club down on the field for a photo shoot, now that would be COOL.

Originally Posted by newagemuscle View Post
Really nice pics. Whos would have thought we would have this kind of weather this time of year in Michigan. I'm fine with no snow the rest of the year... atleast down here.
Thank - you Dwayne. Yeah hard to believe it is closing in on mid January and we are talking 45 degrees and no snow in site for another 10 days yet.

Originally Posted by efpardo View Post
great pics Mike.
Thank - you Erick, Hope to see you again in the spring out at Lapeer, better bring some more ponies.......

Originally Posted by RSokie View Post
Those are awesome those backdrops!
Thank - you Ron, Does show that Detroit does have some nice parts to the city.

Originally Posted by bee sting View Post
Nice pics Mike ! Thanks for sharing them with us .
Thank - you Marvin, Glad you liked them and I was happy to share.
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