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Originally Posted by 69NMYSS View Post
Bear, I hate to break it to you, but GM production control already confirmed that all orders received into production on 12/20 will indeed ship with the B92 option. Scott also confirmed this, just not so directly to where he can get canned. He has to protect himself. I have a TPW of 1/28 and have the B92 option, my dealership has spoke to production control including the manager now 5 times about the situation, god bless his sole, and every time he gets the same answer that it will ship with the exposed insert. Sorry if that upsets you but that is cold hard facts that you have to deal with.
I don't understand the antagonistic tone of your post.

Whether early production 2012 ZL1s come with or without the B92 option does not affect me personally one way or the other, as I will be ordering a 2013 ZL1 Convertible, and it's likely that the early production startup issues will be long since resolved by the time that my 2013 ZL1 is produced this summer.

My goal is not to have people get their expectations and hopes raised only to be disappointed because one's vehicle is not delivered the way one wanted it or because one's vehicle's delivery becomes delayed due to the fact that one was told one thing by one's dealer and reality ends up not comporting with what one's dealer indicated. We've seen quite a few on this forum get upset because their expectations, for one reason or another, were not met to their satisfaction.

I try to accurately represent what has currently been stated by those whom I deem to be reliable sources (at the time that I posted my comment that you quoted, Scott's latest comment on the B92 option stated that the B92 option was not going to be available at the start of ZL1 production). This is now the most recent comment I can find by Scott regarding the B92 option --

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
So - again, I will once again apologize for the fact that we cannot build everyones' ZL1 at this point in time with B92.

It DOES appear that we will build SOME cars that are already scheduled with B92. But I have no absolute answer and one of the reasons is because we have not started regular production.
I read that comment as that the B92 option may currently be intended to be on some early production 2012 ZL1s, but even so, the B92 option may not actually be installed on early production 2012 ZL1s, since regular ZL1 production has not yet begun, and unforeseen events could unfold which might preclude the B92 option from being installed.

So, it appears to me that the B92 option may well be installed on some early production 2012 ZL1s when production starts, but it is not guaranteed at this point, and I would advise people to set their expectations accordingly.
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