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Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
Meth injection does both...and depending on the methanol to water ratio it can be used effectively to cool IAT's, add power, add octaine, and add fuel. On our 1000-1200 hp drag motors we run straight methanol fuel (N/A) and you can put your hand on the intake manifold and it is cold to the touch. We also have to restrict the coolant to get the motors even up to operating temp.

We are using it for both cooling and adding fuel/octaine to Gretchen running 7-8#'s boost.

Yes we sure could add the hood with the entire kit....possibly with a lexan window to see the blower as well. Scrmng is correct that the price would be high....but what isn't with our cars!

Meth does allow us to be more agrresive with the boost & tune for sure. In fact with the heads up cars today running 2000-2500 hp Methanol injection is the only adder that can control the amount of boost needed for the power to be competitive.

The Co2 spray works well for a few runs and then its fill the tank again. Add the weight and its not very practical.

Water chests full of ice only last a few rounds and then you need to drain & refill.....and the added weight again is a minus. We abanonded them 10-15 years ago due to the negatives in drag racing.

The chiller adds maybe 9#'s and is run continueous with nothing ever to buy or refill again street or strip or road race. I have yet to see any solution that even comes close and can't think of any negatives.

We will work on a roots style in the future for sure when we catch up on all the other DI V6 projects.
I don't doubt it, but remember we are talking about 6cyl. setups. Seems to me that if it were that easy to do (put a blower) all the manufacturers would have systems in place already.
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