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I am now one step closer. I was able to get the fuel lines checked off the "TO DO" list! I'm using TechAFX new fuel lines and fittings. I'll give a little product review later and why I chose them.

As far as the install, the first thing I did was go on their website on my I-pad. They have an instructional video which made creating my own lines much easier.

Each fitting consists of three pieces: the main section, the farrel and the collar.

After measuring for size, I used my trusty Dremel.

Sparks were flying everywhere.......

so appropriate gear was necessary. I looked like a storm trooper.

Next came installing the collar.

The fitting needs to slide about an inch through the hose. Clamping the fitting on the vice grip, made it easier to push the hose through. I used a small towel to keep from damaging the fitting.

I used a 7/16 ranch to measure the amount that needs to be peeled off.

Next, with a box knife, I cut the outer layer. Side note...... the fitting is on backwards but don't tell anyone, just meant I had to throw that piece of hose away and start over.

I used a flat head screw driver to separate the braiding from the inside Teflon hose.

Next, came putting the brass farrel between the braiding and Teflon hose. You can see the the teflon is not sitting flush with the farrel.

To remedy this, I used this tool which I picked up at Home D.

And there ya go, much better.

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