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Unique Vehicle

To me, the 5th Gen Camaro looks so unique. An Im going to get one but there is only one thing Im not too sure about. I keep hearing stories of people pulling over the forum members who already have the car just to see it. An I think thats cool. But it seems like this car is almost too popular. Almost as if everyone is going to go out and get it as soon as they can. I just don't want a car that everybody else has. Almost like what happened with the 05' Mustang. Will we be seeing these cars everywhere in 6 months? Are they going to become like ants? Thats why I love cars like the Audi R8 and Saleen S7. I know they are in a different league but Im just trying to get the point across. They don't lose their "uniqueness" because you don't see them everyday. An the Camaro seems like it's gonna be a repeat of the 05' Mustang launch. I just hope Im wrong, because I really love this car. An by the way, this issue is not a factor in me getting the car at all. Im already going to get one. Im just curious about this subject. What do you guys think?
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