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Well, I have to say, and I mean NOOOO offense by this, but I laughed out loud when I read that the salesman was pulled to the side because I knew what was coming. Like that funny movie where you laugh when something bad happens to the main character because it's a can't win for losing type of deal.

But dude that sucks I feel your pain. Can't too much blame the guy who was buying it though. lol

What your salesman SHOULD have done is made sure you'de be the first to drive it. You and the other pre-orders. Don't change salesman though. It will probably hurt more than it helps. Those guys are buddies sometimes. Just hang in there and when you finally get your car, grab the keys and make clear that you weren't happy with the process.

I think alot of this is a product of GM giving us so much info in the beggining. It created stalkers and weirdos out of ALL of us.
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