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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post

The alternative is to buy a beater. It should last at least as long as the winter tires for a grand for the same price, if not less. But you don't have to buy the rims and by taking the ZL1 off the road you'll save quite a bit on insurance for 3 months of the year. The resale value also goes up because a) it has fewer miles on it and b) you can advertise it as never having seen a winter, particularly important for those looking to buy a used high performance car.
Off topic, but how do you guys get insurance discounts for not driving in the winter? I've had state farm and progressive on my Camaro. It's put away for like 4 months in the winter and low mileage per year. They said I can't get a discount without hooking up a tracker that reports mileage, and hard acceleration, deceleration for like a year. Then they could lower it based on driving habits. Who the hell drives a camaro and doesn't accelerate hard??? Lol.
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