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I like everyones opinion. They are all valid. But after thinking about it a little more Iv'e realized it's not going to be everywhere in six months. Someone said around 3-4 years and that sounds about right. Because there is something that happened between the Mustang launch and now. An thats the economy taking a turn for the worse. It;s not like people don't have money anymore, but that they are conscious buyers now. Not impulse buyers. An Im hoping the Camaro will take the route of the new Challenger. Thats been out for a year and I barely see any. Even though they were selling to enthusiasts like hotcakes! An if you look on Autotrader, they are holding their value pretty well. So far at least. But I still can't wait until that Camaro is sitting in my driveway!! Regardless of if it's in all my neighbors driveways too.
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