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Originally Posted by Lil'BlueCoupe View Post
When a person totally converts their car from a non RS to an RS and they basically cross all their "Ts" and dot their "i"s and change their info to reflect that they now have an RS, then they will most likely not get get flamed, unless someone in here can actually pick the numbers out on the vin in one of your pics lol.
Definitely NOT TRUE...I have every last detail of the RS package dealer installed but because some people (with a stick up their ****) knew by looking at my Synergy Edition that it didn't come with the RS package (because none of them did) I was more than just flamed. Even though I said that my RS package was dealer installed...I was actually called a criminal for displaying my car and it's mods in a picture thread.

Too many people over here take the collectibility of their brand new Camaro way too seriously...LMAO No one seems to understand that the reason old RSs are more collectible is because back then people didn't often spend money on such upgrades so there weren't that many sold...therefore making them fairly rare. But now...there are sooo many RSs sold that I hardly see it being something special or rare in the future.
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