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Soo I took Delivery Friday 4 /24/2009

Sorry it took so Long to Post but I could not leave the Car.

Ordered 10/13/2009
Built week of April 5
Delivered 4/24/2009
2ss IOM in and out , San Jose Ca Courtesy Chevrolet.

So First of all, All of my dreams have came true. This car is truly amazing.

I have never had a new car yet one with 426 horsepower and Im like
a fat kid with cake and Ice cream with this car. ( I should now LOL)
This is my 4th Camaro and best by far. Went from 78 when i was 15, to an 85 Iroc Z when i was 16, to a 94 Z28 when i was 19 to this. and by the way my 94 has been out of commision the past 8 months so this car was highly anticipated by myself family and friends.

The day that I once again say, in the Camaro is back!!

The car drives and handles like a dream, it may be that I have never driven anything better, but going forward i dont think there can be anything better.

This car has HEAT!!!!!!! Quick as Luck. I love taking a nice right turn, leaning into the gas and the way the car hooks when it straightens out with traction control is amazing. I was used to a little fishtail and take off but the torque you feel is something hard to explain.

ABL is sweet and fully adjustable. It works with the dimmer swith and
also dims the dash all at once. Somewhat stealth mode.

Leather is soft and smells amazing, Heated seats are sweet and work amazing.

Once again never had either of those luxuries, shoot never had a working AC either LOL.

Hers a few iPhone pics, HQ pics to come, im moving into my new house and painting so cords and stuff are MIA.
Thanks- daniel

"Responsibility is a Heavy Responsibilty" (Cheech)

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