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Originally Posted by htron50 View Post
Me thinks it don't make no never mind. GM gotza plan. ZL1 is leading da pack. You may no think it lookey too good, but you aint seen it runnin yet an nobody else can say theirs is a factory warranty mobile, now son, stop that hollerin an get wit it. Assume so the Z28, if it do come out, wudnt take no back seat nietha .
I don't what your problem is with me...but I don't speak or type in the manner that you have suggested. Is it the fact that I reside in WV? #1 I'm not originally from there. #2 The part of WV I'm in is about an hour from DC and probably more modern than most areas of SC. #3 Perhaps most telling of all is that making assumptions about people on limited information is a true sign of ignorance. If you can't discuss a camaro topic without being an asshole then don't post.
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