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Originally Posted by S-eatin-grin View Post
You are right that I didn't realize that a small group of C5 members in the Z28 forum has already deemed what is best for the Z28 nameplate and that all those not in agreement with the group's consensus will be shunned and made to feel ignorant of all things Z28.

I Imagine then that that the group knows it's members well and likes it that way. I don't think this is the purpose of the C5 forum in general to be closed to counter-points but oh well...I'll not bother you again with my ideas...nor will I likely be buying a Z28...if there ever is one again.
We are certainly open to RATIONAL discussion, what you continue to overlook is that these discussions have been going on for many, many months, we've explored this possibility, that possibility, probably more possibilities than you could think of, we've discussed the pros and cons of all of those possibilities and we have come up with a consensus of what the reasonable possibilities could/should be. Anyone that wants to come here and discuss more possibilities is welcome, provided they understand what has already been discussed and add their opinion in a cordial manner instead of telling us what a Z/28 should and should not be. Most of us here have concerns that a new Z/28 should to some extent follow the heritage of that nameplate, many of us have owned Z/28s in the past, the regular participants here are a very knowledgeable group of individuals. We appreciate an attitude of civility in this forum.
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