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Look, I wasn't trying to ruffle feathers I was just stating what I think the Z28 should be and I care enough about GM and the Camaro to have a strong opinion. I've been on the forum awhile too and have some knowledge as well. I've been a GM buyer and muscle car enthuisist for at least 25 years. I understand the business aspect as well and the risks involved with producing cars with respect to cost and competition and placement in a class of vehicle. Maybe I just caught a couple of you on a bad day but stating what I think a Z28 should be no different than you telling me the same. I might disagree with you but I'm not going to treat you like your are an who was being un-civil? Thanks by the way to htron for the apology... no harm no foul. I have noticed that a lot of the group here on the Z28 forum have held out on buying a Gen 5 Camaro waiting for the Z28. That does say something for your dedication for the name plate and I respect that.
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