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I guess what we should entertain, here, is a "sticky" for "what we realistically expect/predict GM may deliver as an OEM-backed, naturally aspirated, canyon-carving Z/28"...within reason (my words)...and another thread for "what do YOU think GM might throw against the wall and see if it sticks" version.

The key differentiator is GM-BUILT...and backed. NOT a SEMA-special, but a Hometown Motors-buyable iteration. That, friends, is what we long for...

There was a fairly loud cheer that went up, early last year, when the ZL1 was finally announced, blower 'n all, and named something other than Z/28...and some of those folks frequent this Site and Section regularly. Almost a "home away from home" for some and, as is human nature, the regulars are quite protective of their "personal property".

At this late date, relatively, in the Gen-5 life cycle, we recognize that whatever may be utilized to create and construct a Z/28 is likely to come, part-for-part, from existing GM parts sources/suppliers. Already certified/validated, in one form (or platform) or another. That pretty much eliminates all manner of currently-unknown pieces, from any outside source.

"Closed society", here? No. Welcome, one and all...truly.

"600-700-800+ hp seekers"? No, by and large. A certain level of reality exists..."GM-built" is OUR goal.

"Boosted engine"? Naw, not here. Try that Section one up...ZL1.

"Pie-in-the-sky diets and aftermarket components galore"? No, not really, not likely to arrive from GM but hey, if that's what YOU want, bang away on the keyboard. Concensus, here, may be at variance to what you share, but what do we know?

"You've probably heard this before but..." Yeah, we probably have, and we're likely to hear it a dozen more times after you duplicate a post from months' ago but, again, bang away. If researching this Section is a distant second, in your mind, to posting the penultimate-but-unbuildable-by-GM ZEE-TWO-EIGHT, then by all means share your recipe.

"Cranky (old) men without a clue"? Guilty, on occasion, as charged. Regularly, if I forget my meds...

Bang away...


BTW, it's NOT the nameplate we miss, it's a version of a Gen-5 Camaro that, in OUR minds, more closely emulates what some of us once owned, some of us lusted for, and ALL of us "unfestooned", light-as-likely, canyon-carving, normally aspirated, suitably-suspended MEGA-ULTRA-PERMA-GRIN-inducing CAMARO. Hey, if it's got enough ballz and enough sticktion and enough SOUL, they can call it whatever they like. We'll simply refer to it as "aka The ZEE"...

And our checkbooks are ready...

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