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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Leaves room for improvement? It would be a fantastic "track package" or something goofy like that....just in case Ford gets too close for comfort.

The tires took a Z06 and made it nearly as fast as a ZR1...imagine what they could do on the Z Camaro.

EDIT: I was thinking Pilot Sport Cups. My mistake.
I'm curious to see what the PS2s do. I'm still left wondering why ZL1 is running good years, while the flagships in GM's fleet are off the floor with PS2... Maybe Michelin didn't want to cut a new tire for another car or something else, but I still have a feeling at least those Sport Cups might make their way onto ZL1. It would be silly not to, IMO. We know they work, so let's get on the ball
"...What IS true: We anticipated that this would happen - we are never finished - and yes, Ford DOES deserve to win now and then. To think that GM can come out with a car to make ford throw in the towel is simply foolhardy..." - fbodfather
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