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The new bars are 32mm, uses new endlink mount location, and direct bolt-in on 2010s?

If you don't remember my setup...

275/40FR (invo)
-1.1 camber
6ish* castor (max w/eccentric)
stock toe
Bar set of soft/med
Dampening 5-8 clicks
315/35RR (invo)
0.0* camber
0.0 toe
Bar set to stiff
Dampening 11-14 clicks

Pedders FR/RR bars (old style/manufacturer and uses clamp stops; new style endlinks) Alignment is a compromise for mainly street/highway use.

Car understeers when carrying little too much speed into big turns at solox. Can induce oversteer using throttle, but mainly understeers. I was looking at the old style 32mm rear using the old reinforced control arm mount point. Not ready to buy new non-staggered wheels/tires just for once a month racing.

Would the new 32mm bars and mount point be preferrable over the older bars with my setup? The old 32mm description implies the the rear can break loose more easily(very quickly?) and not recommended for street use.

(slow down on big/tight turns or get better wheel combos?)
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