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Swaped from 28" 315/40 18 Nitto NT05R to 25.5" 315/30 18 Hoosiers

Swapped my 315/40 18 Nitto NT05R drag radials for some 315/30 18 Hoosier drag radials. I'm of the opposite opinion of most of the people on this site when it comes to sticky tires. Most want to run a 305/45 18 tire that is almost 29" tall. I think our cars are too heavy and don't have enough gear to lug such a tall tire out of the hole and down the track. Even on my 28" NT05Rs, I felt, were too tall. I got a smoking deal on 25.4" Hoosier drag radials so i swapped out.

To put it in perspective going from a 305/45 18 to a 315/30 18 is the equivalent of going from stock 3.45 gears to 3.90 gears. Plus all the rotational mass you are getting rid of doesn't hurt.

1/4 mile tracks are closed right now but I will post results as soon as they open. This is the ONLY change I have done since my last trip to the track which resulted in 12.35 @ 112.9 w/ 1.89 60' (12.16 @ 114.7 corrected for +1,429 DA).

Total cost of today's mods: I actually made $25!
Hoosier 315/30 18 drag radials: $375
Sold my 315/40 i8 Nitto NT05R drag radials $400

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