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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
I doubt it. There was only one reason why GM used a 302 in the original Z28, and that was the Trans Am rule book. While that particular engine holds some cachet with Camaro enthusiasts, its not nearly the same as the love that the Mustang crowd has for their 5.0.

And it would be a special engine, for a special car. In other words, it would be very expensive. Like twice the cost of a typical small block V8. For an engine that would almost certainly get out performed by a 6.2L gen V engine in every conceivably way. The high reving nature would make it less efficient, the small displacement would make it less torquey (and therefore less powerful), and the DOHCs would make it heavier. What exactly would be the point?
I'm one of those that loved the old DZ302, while I would like to see Chevy build a new 302cid (to compete with the Boss 302), I really don't see it happening.
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