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Victory Red Camaro at Connell!!!

I can't believe how beautiful this car looks and feels

I went to Connell Chevrolet in Costa Mesa yesterday with my girl and my younger sis. We pulled in to the parking lot and saw the Camaro parked outside. 1LT, RS package, C&C package. Wasn't even inside the showroom for protection It was sooo tempting not to try and open the door to take a look inside, so we opened the doors, sat inside, and took a breath of fresh new car scent air. Comments from my girl and sis: "Oh my god the stereo sounds so cool!" But wait, there were no keys in the car..."Oh, well we just pushed some buttons and it came on!" (it wasn't the BA system though). I also walked out with the Camaro brochure, I guess my salesman was saving a bunch for his customers. When we were about to leave, we had the honor of watching the Camaro being turned on and put inside the showroom. About 10-15 people (including us) where all saying in unison, "You're gonna hit it, you're gonna hit it!!!"

Sorry, didn't catch the VIN, but here are some pics:
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