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One more try!!

Originally Posted by aquablueL99 View Post
Thanks to talking with Roger Neace on Friday, we are back in the game with the orginal mats....Uh, would this be Plan "D"? I will call it going back to Plan "C", cause Roger suggested to simply glue the slit with rubber cement. I also found a set of animal clippers that would take the "hair" right off the mat and get it down to the backing. I emailed Stacey the photos tonight. I will be touching base with her on Monday to get her approval to move forward. I really did not want anything other than her work on the mats, especially after her wonderful talent on the headrests...........

Like I said before, "Real men don't need instructions and/or advise....Well, I am not real sure of that statement"!!....
Stopped at Lynn's today and asked Stacey to give it one more try. She is going to make new "leathers".... I will take it from there. By that I mean I will attempt to glue everything together. I sure hope it works this time!!!....

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