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Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
I don't know why they keep closing those threads. Future buyers need to be aware of what's going on. Especially when the company is attempting to take even more orders before they even show a product
Exactly. But that's how things go around here. Don't like something, delete it.
Someone have a different view than you, delete it. People complaining about anything, delete it. You should just shut up and be happy and only post happy thoughts about how awesome Chevy is.
This thread will more than likely also be deleted.

Originally Posted by CamaroDreams07 View Post
They say they were hacked. I can't imagine any hacker who would bother to do something so mundane, but that's the story.
I call bs on this one too. Who hacks your account and only post one message?
A more likely story, is someone at AA thought it was a scam and posted that on their own accord without everyone else knowing about it.

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