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I bought my 98 s10, 00 v6 camaro, and my 02 Z28 all at the same dealership for $200 over cost, not msrp. Then I got my wifes Sorento for $100 over cost from the Kia branch of the same dealership. And get this, I told him I would pay nothing over $200 over cost. He told me something to the effect of, "Heck, I'll give it to you for $100 over". Done. They are all hurting on sales and they just want to make the sale. Usually they will sit down with you and lay the numbers out on the table. If they don't want to show you, don't deal with them cause they're out to get you. When dealers order their cars, they order in bulk. Therefore, they don't purchase the car from the manufacturer at cost. They purchase it at a discount because they are ordering in bulk. This is why they can go quite low and still make $$. Sure, there's going to be a lot of people wanting to pick up the new Camaro. Don't let them force you into paying the high price. They will eventually make the sale. As for ordering the car...It took them about 3 weeks to deliver my special order 02 Z28. You basically sit down w/ either the sales manager (the only person I'll really deal with), or the salesman and go through all the options on the veh. Check off what you want and they place the order. I was not required to put anything down when i ordered mine. However, when it came in, I suddenly got a call that I better get to the dealership because other salesmen were already trying to sell my car which was just dropped off in the back still w/ plastic over the seats, etc. Wise idea if you put down at least $100 or so just to hold it...even if they don't ask for it. Other than that, good luck. I would not put down a dime until I know for sure what I'm ordering. GM will make plenty to go around.
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