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Originally Posted by RocTrux View Post
Why would you guys waste your money on that kit just to have the GM strut brace? I mean if you have the newer towers fine get the new brace it looks good mounted on the new stamped towers but if you don't then get an after market brace they look just as good and better than that. I'm sorry but that just looks okie rigged to me and I doubt that it is as functional at elimaniting strut tower deflection as a brace that is mounted the proper way bolted directly to the the towers, with those long bolts and spacers. If you just want the looks of that brace and don't care about the big ass gap and having to cut the hood strut off or having it actually doing what its designed to do then buy it but if you want looks and function for your $ then go with another brace. It looks like it doesn't belong there and maybe thats because it doesn't....... JMO BMR on the earlier towers = good looks + total functionality and nice looking tower caps.
I have to say I like the OEM brace the best of any on 2012s and the convertible, but I wondered the same thing as this poster concerning the functionality of the brace with the adapters. It looks as if the high posts and long bolts would flex and at least some of the rigidity would be lost with the braces. Just my opinion...and I'm no engineer. I like the red brace on this poster's car, candy cane or not it looks like it would reduce tower flex.
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