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Originally Posted by 1st Gen Forever View Post
I think the clear bra is going to be the best option. I'm not speaking from experience on that though as I'm still trying to find out definitively if the clear bra itself leaves damaged paint when removed for fresh clear bra install every three years or so.

Reason I don't think mud flaps will work is the aerodynamic changes on the ZL1 have altered the wheel wells. There's plastic bits extending out from the wheel wells for air flow. That will both make the existing Camaro accessory mudflaps not fit and the mudflaps themselves will change the aerodynamics...
A clear bra will NOT damage the paint. Period. They have been used for almost 20 years now and if they damaged the paint the industry would have died quickly. Go to any car show and look at the high end cars there. You will be hard pressed to find one without a clear bra. Now would they put film on a car knowing it would damage the paint??? No. I have pulled numerous clear bra kits that have been on cars for up to 8 years.... and the paint was perfect underneath the film.

The Camaro (SS or ZL1) will have a lot of damage no matter what tires are run on the car. It is a combination of the paint quality and the design of the car. If you drive it, it will chip.
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