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Restricted Camaros @ Daytona?

First off, sorry if ive intruded here, with me not having a camaro and all...I visit here every once in a while, I like the diversity of car owners here. Anyways...
So I watched a little bit of the continental sports cars series race at daytona. A reporter did a quick interview with a driver from the camaro 01 team. The driver mentioned that he couldn't keep up with the bmw's and mustangs, but he cited the restricter placed on the camaro by officials as the reason why.
1) Does anyone know by how much the camaros are restricted?
2) Are they on stock engines?
3) Its a shame that grand-am did this. I say let the car run to its full potential, as long as its got a stock motor or at least stock numbers. Better competition means better racing! Plus its no fun beating a "neutered" camaro, I wanna see the real thing get beat, lol. (only friendly competition here, i dont want to start a war)

But I do have to give credit to the camaro teams for staying in the fight (and fighting so well) despite the restrictions. Hope grand-am will come to its senses.
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