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Originally Posted by Shurenuff View Post

Those that think the ZL1 is a 12.5 second car are mistaken. With a good driver, and in good conditions, we'll see plenty of high 11 second runs in completely stock configurations. I wonder what time they hit exactly? Either way, not bad for a dusty track at high elevation.

My favorite part of the video was Randy's assessment of the vehicle. Good stuff.
Thats not a bad thing for a SC car. I wish they would have said the time in the 3.8 second 60ft run. WTF for leaving that info out?!?!?!? Finally they put a good driver in the seat! If my 1/4 mile math is correct, that 3.8 sec run would put the ZL1 at about a 11.7 second quarter mile. Nice
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May not feel the difference, but you can watch the other guy go by you! Football is a game of inches, muscle cars are a game of seconds...
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