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Originally Posted by LED KING View Post
I have seen a few threads that are a tad bit scattered among states in our local region heading to Indy. I decided I should compose a thread dedicated to our route and also hopefuls willing to join us. As we know nothing is set in stone until the final month leading up to CamaroFest III.

Please feel free to hop on board the Camaro train

The Oklahoma Family is planning on taking I-44 all the way to Indy. We are hoping Kansas and much of Missouri will join us due to the route positioning, but if any further southern (Arkansas & Northern Texas), western (Colorado, New Mexico, and more), and or even northern states would like to join.. Please do.

See you in a a few months (more like several :()

Also feel free to join our local chatter on our website about CamaroFest III
It looks like Arkansas will be joined in Memphis and/or Little Rock by Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico and AZ (also maybe Utah and Colorado?). We'll pick up more from Mississippi, possibly Alabama and the other side of Tennessee in Nashville, then link up with Kentucky in Louisville and roll in hard several hundred strong. We'd love it if you guys came with us but as we've discussed before it's a bit longer route than the I-44 method!
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