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Buffalo Auto Show (56k WARNING)

So, I went to the Buffalo Auto Show yesterday.
And, while not the best show by a long shot - I was pleasantly surprised. I hope my book I'm about to write doesn't bore anybody half to death, but - as you can see - I had a good time!

Cars of note that were there:

Red Camaro Fiberglass (story about that later)
Mustang Bullitt
2008 Corvette Z06 (drooled)
and.......THE G8 GT!!! (I totally didn't expect that!)

Disclaimer. The Camera I took wasn't very good, it turns out. Or the convention center was just very dusty (a good possibility). So, please forgive the crappy quality of some of the pictures. Thanks!

We walked in: and BAM! Mustang in the face. Not bad, though. Add a few more horsies, and I'd drive it

So, as I said, the Red Camaro was there (Be Jealous, TAG ), when Bumblebee was supposed to be there. Now, I had prior warning that BB was going to be taken to the Superbowl, instead. However, the rest of Buffalo did not.

The main reason is that for the past 3 weeks, this show has been advertised everywhere - radio, TV, Billboards, etc. ALL of which promo'd Bumblebee being there, even after he was pulled from the show. Quite a few little kids were a little dissapointed at not being able to see their Big Yellow Buddy, but it's all cool. Thanks to Scott, the Red concept car made filled in for Bumblebee. BIG THANKS TO FBODFATHER FOR DOING THAT!!

And I must say - This Car is freaking Gorgeous!!! I thought I had it down, just by looking at and photoshopping pictures; but pictures DO NOT do the Camaro justice! The proportions, and lines are absolutely perfect. The car is pretty small, too. I know people are worried about wieght thanks to the Pig Challenger, but really - it looks to be a small, agile car! To the naked eye, and not side-by-side, the Camaro doesn't look to be too much bigger than the Vette! Which is awesome, to say the least. Also, I paid REAL close attention to the vents on this car. Now the red one isn't a real car - so these vents are 'more fake' than any of the others, But Dang - they sure do Look real my face was right there - and they looked 100% real! (especially the side vents). I would've taken more pictures, I tried to - but the cars were so closely spaced together, it was near impossible to get many clear shots. That, AND the biggest crowd I noticed, in all honesty, in the whole place was centered around the Camaro, and Corvette. (There was a waiting line to sit in the 'Vette!)

I don't know how much Scott was involved with the show cars' placement, but somebody did a really smart thing and put the Camaro up on a platform, and put the Corvette Z06 beside it, on the floor. That garnered a HUGE amount of attention to that spot. The inside of the 'Vette is so plush, and SO comfortable, I almost dosed off - so nice! And it had a cool little light under the hood that I hadn't noticed before, pretty neat; and show's the teams worfking on these cars DO sweat the details.

Comments on the Camaro included:

"That's the new Camaro?"
"That IS gorgeous.": reponse from wife/girlfriend/really old daughter() "Yes it is." *commence drunken stare*
"Hey, man look - it's the Camaro!"
"Wow, that's really awesome!"
"Look at those lights!" (brake lights)
"I've gotta get me one of those!"
A little ten-year old: "That's a lean, mean, racing machine"
"What a red!!!"
There were plenty more, but they were all along the same lines as those.

Then, after I managed to pull myself away from the Camaro for a few, I wandered around the upstairs part of the show, which housed all the Domestics, and Toyota...(go figure). GM alone took up half of the whole floor! And I passed the Malibu.

Wonderful car, btw (I urge everybody to take a look at one, if your worried AT ALL about the interior materials QUALITY of the Camaro. The alone, even if I didn't like the layout (which I do) sold the deal. Almost everything you touch in that car is soft, and welcoming.

And here, you can see some of the 'extra' touches GM made on this...little bowties, in the headlamps, and the rear repeater lamps.

Then we wandered through the Mopar section, and passed a concept car called the Chrysler "FirePower", pretty darn neat, if you ask me - it looked like a good replacement to the Viper, if there ever was one (RIP). Unfortunately, all I managed to get was an interior shot of that one.

They had a Superbee version of the Charger, kinda cool - still a big car.

And a dragster. I've never seen as big a motor in person....ever.

Back into GM territory, and we passed the '08 CTS, and it's Motor Trend award . Take a close look into the grille of this one, you can see right through to the engine!

Then, we hit the escalators, and took a trip into the depths of....well, the import floor. () Lot's of Hyundai's, lots of Subarus...none of which were very interesting at all - and MOST of which, I noticed, had poorer fuel economy ratings then their competitors' upstairs!

Pontiac had a 2-car little corner down there....not sure why - but a Nice red Solstice, and a G6 coupe was there.

Back up, and we passed through the Ford section. And caught a glimpse of the Bullitt Mustang - wasn't much to look at, really - and you could tell, more people were watching the race scene from Bullitt; the movie that they had playing, than looking at the car.

Made our way back home to the GM half of the floor, and passed none-other than the Pontiac G8 GT...I recognised it instantly, and my jaw almost dropped! What a car. I can't say too many kind things about the color, nor the interior (really nice, but too ordinary) - but everything else, I mean - WOW! (of course, I peeked underneath, but I couldn't see much...just two exaust pipes making there way back up to the front.) The headlights on this thing are downright sinister.

And I had the lady in charge of pontiac pop the hood for me. (yeah, I was a pain and I asked her.) What's funny is, although those scoops aren't (supposedly) functional - they sure do look that way, down to the fake vents on the underside of the hood...........

But, on to the L76...that engine cover isn't as plasticy as it seems in pictures. At least, I didn't think so. I mean, it IS plastic, but it's hard, and rough, like cast metal - pretty cool. Overall - it's bigger than the Camaro, they were across the room; and even then I could tell that. VERY nice car. Pontiac has a hit on their hands.

As we left, we passed a great-looking Shelby Mustang. And that was that.

Like I said, I hope this didn't bore any of you, but if it did...huh, think of my 'report' after Indy!
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