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I thought the 3.6 was supposed to make about 260 and 300 (DI),but not 280 . . .

Anyway, motortrend is generally pretty good on things like this. But unless there is something that they know and we don't then I won't pay too much attention to this article. I think that what might have happened is that they were told 6.0L V8, and thought LS2. But who knows. I don't really care what V8 goes into the Camaro, so long as it costs ~26-30k.

Oh, and 2010 5thGen: you need to specify which 6.0L you are talking about. its not the 6.0L its a 6.0L. Same with 6.2L. Vettes have 2 6.2L engines. one makes 436 hp, the other makes 620 hp. Slight difference. So even if the engines have the same block and same displacement, if they have a different name and power rating they are different engines. Besides, typing LS2 requires fewer keystrokes than 6.0L.
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
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