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IMO that is a huge disservice to the camaro community. A place like this is exactly where a buyer beware section should be.
So you are basicly saying, we are ok with companies advertising here, long as they pay you first. But if anyone has a bad experience with a company or anything negative no matter how true, you don't want any of that posted.

Does this site not have a small amount of responsibility of protecting its users, or at the least allow them to protect themselves? I see people posting negative rants about companies all the time. What's so different about this specific situation?

Hypothetically speaking. Because personally I don't believe these guys are actually trying to take the money and run, although it appeared that way a couple times.
But let's just say, again hypothetically, that they do take the money and run.

How does that make camaro5 look considering all the individual posts cherry picked to be deleted, and eventually entire threads deleted because people were rightfully complaining about the situation. The way I see it, it looks like you are protecting them. And in hind sight I'm sure that's how many would see it also.

Camaro5 shouldn't offer special treatment to anyone or any company. Especially sponsors and or advertisers as that's pretty much a conflict of interest.
Someone advertising here shouldn't allow them special protection from negative views from the people they are pitching their wares to.
When you delete an entire thread, like this one, who exactly does that benefit?
It doesn't benefit camaro5 users. So that only leaves camaro5 itself and the 3rd party company.

I see negative posts about AAC all the time. They aren't complaining about it far as I can tell. People say they suck all the time, and it doesn't seem to stop everyone from shopping with them. No one is cherry picking which post to delete. But there are many people here ( myself included) that will never buy anything from them specifically because of the negative reviews posted here. And I'm happy about that, because otherwise I would of spent money with them and more than likely became one of the many unhappy customers.

So what's so different about this?

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