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Sad day for detroit muscle.. Corvette next to be axed?

i couldnt believe it when i read this article it brought a tear to my eye no chance of seeing a firebird again but for them to call off corvette and the camaro makes me cry

im only 19 and would love to travel back to the muscle car era...i wish i could live those American Graffiti and Two Lane Black Top i guess thats just a fantasy

i mentioned to my friends how cool it is to see the Big 3 rolling out detriot muscle challengers mustangs and camaros on the street what a sight but i guess it will be a short lived sight

as i tell my friends you cant drop a big block into a honda then they ask whats a big block it seems that japenese tuners are taking over and the muscle cars are fading PLEASE DONT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!!! i do respect tuners that put up good numbers but i grew up around rear wheel drive no traction muscle cars...i miss my 69 camaro

sorry for the rant lets hope that the camaro legend doesnt die out because of this economy

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