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Nothing super exciting in this post, but I finished the modification to the drive shaft loop... With the size of the new coupling at the transmission, the original loop wasn't long enough and would have been unsafe if the output shaft or the coupler broke....

So, I took on the task of extending it to a longer length... We determined that we needed to add four inches of length to ensure the main shaft was encompassed within the loop so that no matter where along the coupler it broke, the shaft would not fall to the ground... Also,this is my first attempt ever at Tig welding... I've done lots of stick and Mig welding...

I added four inches of length (two 2" pieces) and fabricated and shaped the gussets along the sides... I had to stop and reshape the tip on the welder several times due to contaminating it, but overall, I'm pretty happy with the end result.... Corey was fitting and installing the new Turbo's while I was working on this... We may be able to get Brandi on the road Wednesday or Thursday.... Time will tell...
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