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Jibberish! Let's wait and see. What you will not see is an automotive industry run by a government. Yes, in the short term the gov't may take adventage of making demands tied to guarenteed loans but there will always be a market for "fast" cars..! Folks, the demise of the muscle car is near but fast cars are not. Engineers will be able to meet new green demands set up by governments. The technology already exsists but there is no demand so it's not being manufactured. Obama is no doubt the leader that will be at the forefront of the a new rule that seeks out to make the planet greener but he has a fromidable task at hand. Oil barons still have oil to sell and they still have a long arm into congress. Do not expect gas consumption to drop off asap. Certain entities want us to keep burning oil at a high rate. All said IMO ! If you are concerned save your money quick and buy one before they are gone !

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