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A warning to people so they know exactly what they are getting into. Seems like a good enough purpose to me. Is this a car site or Disney land? Maybe you guys need to make some rules for vendors, so you don't have guys marketing to your users with no product. Deceiveing people for close to a year, with no product. This happened on your site, and u guys let it. Make no mistake, these guys (guy) used this site as their primary means of advertisement. If you had rules in place for stuff like this, I doubt anyone would even know who these guys are. And maybe, just maybe they would of came with a full prototype first instead of the way it went down.
Maybe it wasn't special treatment, but it definately wasn't in the vain of protecting your user base. I'm pretty sure g5 was more than happy each time a post/ thread was deleted.
So inadvertently, you end up helping them under the impression of trying to keep things PC.

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