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Originally Posted by rockapotomus821 View Post
I'm not sure if these pictures have found their way to the forums, but here you go. Sorry if they are already on here.

As for the watermark....I agree, move it, but they put it all over the car so that someone else can't just take their picture, cut out the background (or anywhere that the watermark is) and pawn it off as their own.

Anyway, I think things are really looking good. More hope for the filler door, but we could still be looking at one of the early mules that probably has a "tank in the trunk" at the moment. I think the grill looks a little bigger too, which is unfortunate. Really, the concept's grill was awesome and should have stayed. The headlights look better in these pics than they did on the white one, but I still say they need to go to a single light, preferably the halos.

Overall, it looks great. Good work GM, keep it up.
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