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Originally Posted by hypurone View Post
HUH? Threading the bolt into the knuckle against the strut (to the right) will push the knuckle out (this causes camber to go positive/increase) and threading the bolt out (to the left) allows the knuckle to move inward (this causes camber to go negative/decrease)....

So I disagree with your wording above unless you meant to say "decrease negative camber" and "increase negative camber"...

I must have missed the part of your post where you said thank you for posting a picture showing the location of the camber screw and explaining how to use it. I know you were thinking that so I'll say you're welcome.

Camber is adjusted on an alignment machine, or with plumb-bobs or with camber gauges. The corresponding result of a turn in or turn out of the camber screw will be clear to the technician.

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