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I am beginning to like the Camaro again... early prototype photos weren't looking so hot in my opinion. Yet, I think I am going to have to see one in person to make my final decision. I am seriously thinking of getting one of these next year (or whenever they come out)... so far it's either the camaro or a Cayman.

I think if I were to buy the Camaro I'd have to purchase some aftermarket mod's to get it mean and tough looking.

Here's what I'd do:

-get rid of the dual front lights and convert to one single halo style light... it's just super mean looking w/ one light in the front. (I am sure someone will offer an aftermarket mod for this).

-cut out the rear vents and make them functional

-racing stripes (if not a factory option) are a must

-tint the windows slightly

...that's about all I can think of...probably wouldn't set you back more than a couple grand.
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