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Originally Posted by Avalnch View Post
terms of 20" autocross tires, see my sig for what I'm running. Your best bet is to run as wide a tire as possible front and rear. I'm looking into running 10.5" or even 11" rims up front for my car.

R-compound tires are hard to come by in 20". In fact, I think only the Toyo R888s are 20" R-compound.
Have you ever run any TLAC events in your region? If so, did they ever give you any grief for running 315 on the rears? Like you, I'm leaning towards going with 315's in the rears but I'm not sure if should stick with my original plan (using 285/35-19's). I realize some clubs may be stricter on the rules than others. I'm just trying to gather as much info before going out buying rims and tires for SCCA and NASA events that could potentially disqualify me from regional competitions.
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