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Originally Posted by dkb View Post
He didn't force Fiat ... he forced Chrysler.

The WSJ has a big front page article on it today with a big pie chart in color and everything!



read the paper (preferably a good one) ... you'll learn something
Did the article discuss how Chrysler has tried to form alliances with Nissan, GM, Volkswagon, Tata, Magna, GAZ, Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota and failed. Or that FIAT and Chrysler were talking about bringing the 500 to the US in March 2008 and have been analyzing a partnership since last summer. Sounds to me like they were looking for somebody and FIAT was the only one willing.

The below article does a good of referencing the quotes from the affidavit of Tom LaSorda that was filed for the bankruptcy.

And for anyone else that is curious the article that dkb references is

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