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Originally Posted by BDH View Post
Car looks great SUX! Appears much of a drop with font and back? I will be getting a v6 so I think my choices for springs will be limited. And yes, it'll be a convertible (who would have thought the drama when I placed the order on 2/11) Thanks!
You can use V8 springs.

I recommend the BMR 1.0" to everyone. Ride quality is great, It actually lowered MY CAR a hair more than 1.0" probably closer to 1.2" so don't think it won't be low enough, customer service is second to none and the price can't be beat! (the ones who can beat their price are questionable brands)

I did snap pics of the stock, 1.4", 1.4"/1.0", 1.0" and 1.0" with shorter tires on my car so you can do a REAL side by side comparison of the springs themselves. Since every car is different comparing a car with 1.4" to a different car with 1.0" at different camera angles doesn't tell you much. This should really help people decide.

In the end I am glad I went with the 1.0' all the way around because it has MUCH better ride that the other set ups and with my shorter tires I am currently 3" lower than stock!

Stock 4x4 mode!

BMR 1.4" all the way around.

BMR 1.4"/1.0" split drop

BMR 1.0" all the way around

BMR 1.0" all the way around with 26.7"/27.3" tall tires

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