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Originally Posted by PQ View Post

Even as I put my car closer to the road racing side of things I still will ultimately have a drag car at heart due to the auto tranny. I'd be on the fence about it even if I could do it for very low cost or even free. Much less to have to spend 5k to do it. (just a geusstimate, I really do have no idea but way too much for me. hahaha)

I still may end up with the Vossens. I did a few photoshops with the Forgelines and Vossens. The Vossens would be a staggered set-up.

I'll shamelessly post them right here, right now.

Ya, post pics.

As far as driving on them go, guys on the track are sure loving them.

I'd be pretty tight but still good with 305 35s in rear but not sure about 315. I'll have to check into it. But the perfect square would be disrupted.
Those second wheels (Vossens, I think) look great! Very clean, and not overly "blingy".
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